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Task Force Members

Dimension: Philosophy         

Willie Ehling, Recreational Sports and Services
Phillip Howze, Library Affairs
Don Castle, Student Center
Saran Donahoo, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Ted Grace, Student Health Center
Meera Komarraju, Psychology
Michelle Miller, Sociology
Vicki Nelson, VC for Student Affairs Office
Alexa Young, Elementary Education

Dimension: Organization

Jake Baggott, Student Health Center, Co-Chair
Terry Clark, Marketing, Co-Chair
Lynn Connley, University Ombudsman Office
Jon Davey, School of Architecture
Marta Davis, Education Librarian
Sheila Echols, Student Center
Ron Fields, English
Lisa Marks, University Housing
Michael Stokes, VC for Student Affairs
LaCharles Ward, USG Senator
Tamara Yakaboski, EAHE

Dimension: Learning

Lisa Peden, Chair, Supplemental Instruction, Co-Chair
Virginia Rinella, Pre Major Advisement, Co-Chair
Jane Cogie, The Writing Center
J.P. Dunn, Blackboard Administrator
Barb Elam, Student Health Center
Rebekah Fowler, English
Stephanie Graves, Humanities Librarian
Kathie Lorentz, University Housing
Namdar Mogharreban, Computer Science
Marcus Odom, Accountancy
Meg Quinn 
Rita VanPelt, Disability Support Services
John Warren, Speech Communication

Dimension: Faculty

Jeannie Killian, Center for Academic Success, Co-Chair
Mark Watson, Library Affairs, Co-Chair
Laurie Achenbach, Microbiology
Peggy Connors, University Housing
Jean Cunningham, Counseling Center
Stephen Kraft, Agribusiness Economics\
Aaron Mallory 
John Massie, Student Health Center
Andy Morgan, Student Development
Mike Sullivan, Mathematics

Dimension: Transitions

Alejandro Caceres, Foreign Language and Literature, Co-Chair
Lori Stettler, Student Center, Co-Chair
Summer Bacon, Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Pam Brown, History
Zenetta Coleman, VC for Student Affairs
Jamie Corr, University Housing
Cynthia Jenkins, Career Services
Roy Joy, Counseling Center
Elizabeth Lewin, Educational Administration and Higher Education
Steve McInnes 
Angie Royal, New Student Programs
Katherine Suski, Undergraduate Admissions

Dimension: All Students

Lori Merrill-Fink, University Honors Program, Co-Chair
Katie Sermersheim, Student Development, Co-Chair
Chris Fralish, Student Health Center
Alfred Jackson, University Housing
Kathy Jones, Athletics
Kathleen Plesko, Disability Support Services
Corne Prozesky, Recreational Sports and Services
Kandace Riddle, Information Technology
Pamela Smoot, Black American Studies
Matt Toenjes

Dimension: Diversity

Carla Coppi, International Programs & Services, Co-Chair
Carmen Suarez, Diversity, Co-Chair
Joseph Brown, Black American Studies
Carl Ervin, Student Development
Kathy Hollister, Recreational Sports and Services
Staci Hurt 
Joan McDermott, Administration of Justice
Marty J. Murray, Jr.
Antonio Rodriguez
Dexter Wakefield, Plant, Soil, and Ag Systems
Bryan Dallas, Disability Support Services

Dimension: Roles & Purposes

Jim Scales, Career Services, Co-Chair
Julia Spears, McNair Programs, Co-Chair
Jennifer Justice, English
Tony Kirchmeier, Advisement
Toni Manzella 
James Mathias, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes
Keith McMath, University Housing
Herman Peterson, Library Affairs
Steve Rogers, Student Legal Services
Mythili Rundblad, Student Development

Dimension: Improvement

Jim Allen, University Core Curriculum, Co-Chair
Rosemary Simmons, Counseling Center, Co-Chair
Patty Cosgrove, Information Technology
Vincent Hardy, USG Vice President
Tina Horvath, University Housing
Terry Huffman, Student Judicial Affairs
Sara Long Roth, Food and Nutrition
Ed Pimentel, Student Health Center

Steering Committee

Mark Amos, English, First Year Experience, Co-chair
Julie Payne Kirchmeier, University Housing, Co-chair
Jim Allen, University Core Curriculum
Jake Baggott, Student Health Center
Alejandro Caceres, Foreign Language and Literature
Terry Clark, Marketing
Carla Coppi, International Programs & Services
Willie Ehling, Recreational Sports and Services
Peter Gitau, Student Affairs
Phillip Howze, Library Affairs
Heidi Jung, Instructional Design
Jeannie Killian, Center for Academic Success
Meera Komarraju, Psychology
Lori Merrill-Fink, University Honors Program
John Nicklow, College of Engineering
Lisa Peden, Supplemental Instruction
Virginia Rinella, Pre-Major Advisement
Jim Scales, Career Services
Larry Schilling, Institutional Research & Studies
Katie Sermersheim, Student Development
Rosemary Simmons, Counseling Center
Julia Spears, McNair Programs
Lori Stettler, Student Center
Carmen Suarez, Diversity
Victoria Valle, Enrolment Management
Mark Watson, Library Affairs
Chiquita Watts, Undergraduate Student Government 
Tamara Yakaboski, EAHE


Kent Epplin, School of Medicine
Pam Gwaltney, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute